Alexandria Smith Selects

May 20 to June 2

Artist Alexandria Smith curates a selection of favorite films that have influenced her practice for many years, continuing a programmer-in-residence series co-presented with Gagosian in theater and at home.

“During the pandemic, I found myself locked down living abroad in another country for the first time in my life with my spouse, and forced to stay indoors for nearly two years. I was far away from family and friends, and unfamiliar with the new country I was inhabiting, so books and movies became my refuge. The films that I’ve curated for this program are long-time favorites—films I can’t stop thinking about, and that I turn to for a multitude of reasons, from narrative to color inspiration in the studio. Although they span genres, they do share a lot in common, exploring themes of loneliness through the prism of the fantastical; notions of family through spirituality; and deconstructing narrative through the disruption and manipulation of time.”—Alexandria Smith