Climate Crisis Parables

February 22 to April 22

“I don’t know what the future will bring. We have to choose despite uncertainty.”—First Reformed

Cinema has been reckoning for some time with the question of ecological collapse, and it is to these visceral depictions of impending crisis that we turn in a moment when there is a real, palpable fear that time, yes, is really and truly running out. Climate Crisis Parables collects movies that envisage the rough road ahead, depicting humankind’s reckless restructuring of the natural environment, imagining the catastrophic results of this unchecked meddling and even what might come after the fall of man. The program turns to scripted films instead of documentaries in the belief that the existential threat posed to future generations can uniquely be explained and explored through speculative forms of storytelling. These are films often grave in tone yet ecstatic and spectacular in scope and scale, films which offer ominous cautions against the dire consequences of the damage done by the unfettered pursuit of profit. Screenings will be introduced by climate change experts, using these films’ fictional scenarios as entrance points to discussing real-world issues, anchoring our increasingly surreal daily reality with research and perspective, and highlighting the imperative actions that must be taken right now to reverse our path towards the brink.

Climate Crisis Parables is presented in partnership with Harper’s Magazine, a publication that regularly considers environmental issues and the fate of our planet in essays and reporting by such writers as Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Wendell Berry, and Rebecca Solnit; and Extinction Rebellion Lower East Side Neighborhood Group.

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