Hal Hartley

January 24 to February 19

Hal Hartley in person.

Hal Hartley appeared on the scene in the “indie” movie boom of the early ‘90s, but even in these years of crossover mainstreaming he remained an outsider’s outsider, his independence not a temporarily convenient brand, but an entire ethos. His milieu was a blue-collar, bridge-and-tunnel New York, populated by workaday philosophers expressing themselves in a deadpan, declamatory performance style heavy on aphorism and unusual articulacy. This, combined with Hartley’s austere, geometric mise-en-scene, has invited comparisons to Robert Bresson, but his singular combination of off-kilter humor and throbbing romanticism can really only be called “Hartley-esque.” From breakthrough early works introducing stars Adrienne Shelly and Martin Donovan to latter-day masterstrokes like Ned Rifle, Metrograph follows this remarkable artist through the different-drummer march that his career has been.

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