Larry Clark

August 25 to September 5

Larry Clark in Person

Over fifty when his debut feature, Kids, was released to a clamor of controversy in 1995, the polarizing Clark has remained to this day an ageless enfant terrible, exemplifying the spirit of adolescent rebellion and, to cite the title of one of his infamous photography collections, teenage lust. Clark, an Oklahoma native, Vietnam vet, and survivor of methamphetamine addiction, documented the semi-rural demimonde he knew so well in his breakthrough photo book Tulsa, and brought the same veracity to the world of New York skate rats in Kids. In the films he would go on to make, the peril and passion of cruel, heedless youth has always played a crucial role, and in his latest, The Smell of Us, he has produced his most experimental, agitating work to date, a landmark movie by a talent who only grows more unquiet with age.

Special thanks to Mike Repsch and Dark Star Pictures.

The Smell of Us will no longer be available for our Larry Clark series in August.

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