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WR: Mysteries of The Organism

WR: Mysteries of The Organism

WR: Mysteries of The Organism

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1971 / 85min / 35mm



Selected by Lorry Kitka, film critic for Film Threat, as part of Staff Picks: Kim's Video, a series made up of film selections and introductions by a number of former Kim's store clerks. Staff Picks will continue throughout 2022, each month featuring selections that celebrate the small and specialty video stores, independent theatres, and community hubs where passionate film lovers gather.

Presented with an In-Theater Introduction from Lorry Kitka for the Friday, 01/21 Screening

A towering, controversial monument of the Yugoslav Black Wave, Makavejev’s political and sexual provocation was banned in his homeland but became an international arthouse cause célèbre. Combining an inquiry into the life and work of Austrian American philosopher and psychologist Wilhelm Reich, archival borrowings, a narrative involving a Yugoslav woman who sets out to seduce a visiting Russian ice skater, and documentary-style visits to artist Betty Dodson, the offices of Screw magazine, and an outrageous Tuli Kupferberg of the Fugs, the film’s various elements come together in a revivifying torrent of revolutionary ardor, erotic liberation, and cinematic invention.