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The Edge of the World

The Edge of the World

The Edge of the World

1937 / 72min / 35mm



Selected by Ralph McKay as part of Staff Picks: Kim's Video, a series made up of film selections and introductions by a number of former Kim's store clerks. Staff Picks will continue throughout 2022, each month featuring selections that celebrate the small and specialty video stores, independent theatres, and community hubs where passionate film lovers gather.

“Community and cinema are familiars from way back, Powell’s first personal film reaffirmed that in 1937. The Hebrides at that time, Visconti’s Milano in 1960, a continuum—cinema and people: one DNA. Working at Kim’s Video on St. Mark’s at Second Avenue in the early nineties East Village was immersive. The neighborhood was well on its way to being totally altered by the wild wealth of surrounding Manhattan. Despite my lack of a glistening PhD in film studies, I got hired to work the floor for summer through fall of 1991. Yes, on holiday rental weekends, we would insert a tape of The Towering Inferno with the volume cranked up to ten (all about the soundtrack), but films like The Edge of the World are where the heart lives. Of course, we recommended the film from behind the counter, and I still recommend it today.”—Ralph McKay

Screens with Return to the Edge of the World, a 1978 short about the film’s making.